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eternaldawn's Journal

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a perfect circle, adrian pasdar, aggies, alan tudyk, alias, amazing race, american beauty, american idol, angel the series, art, asit, audioslave, ballet, bassoon, benji schwimmer, big love, boondock saints, boston rob, brady quinn, buffy the vampire slayer, buffymux, can't stop the signal, cats, cheesecake, chris lowell, cooking, cross-stitch, csi, dan brown, dance dance revolution, donnie darko, dragonriders of pern series, dragons, family guy, final fantasy, firefly, fireflymux, flanvention, football, gilmore girls, gina torres, green bay packers, green day, half-blood prince, harry potter, heroes, horse racing, horses, houston, houston texans, incubus, jack coleman, james marsters, jared padalecki, jason dohring, jensen ackles, jewel staite, josh groban, joss whedon, justice, kerr smith, kill bill, kill bill 2, kingdom hearts, kingdom of loathing, kristen bell, lex luthor, logan echolls, lost, michael rosenbaum, milo ventimiglia, mohinder suresh, moulin rouge, movies, mushing, music, musicals, nathan fillion, oh nathan, padackles, painted ponies, pern, phantom of the opera, pharmacy, piano, playstation 2, project runway, reading, reefer madness, rob mariano, robert jordan, role-playing, sarcasm, sean maher, secretariat, sendhil ramamurthy, serenity, six feet under, smallville, spike, superman, superman returns, supernatural, survivor, sylar, system of a down, sytycd, television, texas a&m, the godfather, the simpsons, tom welling, travel, triple crown, trivial pursuit, veronica mars, victor garber, video games, wheel of time, writing, x-men: legends, zach quinto