The saga of today!
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I was kind of set to come in here and be depressed, because I think I'm having another one of those little weeks where all I do is sleep and think I suck, but lo and behold, today was actually kind of entertaining. So you're spared the emo in favor of what happened today, because it's just amusing enough that I want to keep it for posterity.

So Jon and I have been playing tennis lately. A lot of tennis, except we've been slacking since last Thursday. Today was the first day we'd played since then, and boy, did we suck. So while we'd normally play a couple of hours and be bone tired by the time we were done, we played maybe 45 minutes and got fed up with our massive suck. We get to the car, and all of a sudden Jon makes with the "Oh, shit."

Yeah, it's never good.

His keys were in the car, along with both of our cell phones. Hi, stranded. We weigh our options, and decide our only real option is to walk to his apartment. Which (as we found out later) is 3 miles away. So, dressed like scrubs, we make our way back through what's at least mostly nice neighborhoods, but some super-ghetto ones, too. And you've never felt homeless until you've walked under 610 near our places, seriously. We get to Jon's apartment, and of course, have no keys. So we break into his place, since he'd at least left the window open and we just had to muscle the screen out. We found out we'd be terrible robbers, by the way.

We commence calling everyone we know to give us a ride back to the courts, because by this time it's noon and about 90 degrees outside. Of course, nobody answers. So we walk to my apartment (which is thankfully literally around the corner and down the street a little ways), and I have to sweet talk the guy in the office into opening my apartment for me. As I'm dressed like a homeless woman, by the way, and this guy is very cute and put together. Figures. ANYWAY, he refuses Jon as collateral and decides to just walk to my apartment with us, which is a terrible idea because my apartment is a hot mess and no one can come in. I tell him and he laughs, and says he'll just open it and leave, since I look trustworthy. Yeah, trustworthy and sweaty and homeless. Ugh.

But! Finally, keys! We go back to Jon's and get my car, and then finally get to his car and the ordeal is over. It took about four hours, between actually playing and getting back so Jon could get into his car, geez. But hey, it was an urban adventure or something. And I totally made up for half-assing the tennis thing, because we probably, all told, walked almost 4 miles today. Which is a lot, when I'm not used to walking. And it's 90 degrees.

I've only been sitting still for a little while, and I'm already realizing I'm going to be so, so sore later.

NOTE TO SELF: Buy this week's TV Guide, because HOLY SHIT, Jared Padalecki.

The opposite of impressed.
Dean - Black and White
Ugh, so for whatever reason, my ticket order for this weekend didn't get processed and now we have to get tickets at the door. Thanks, Creation!

On the plus side, I'm packed and ready already, and I've got about 45 minutes before I have to go try to fight my way up I-45 to the airport. This is a great improvement over my usual 'OMFG MUST BE OUT THE DOOR FIVE MINUTES AGO AND AM NOT READY' travel.

Oh man, new addiction.
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Sooo... I just watched the first three episodes of Clone High, and I think I'm going to end up watching them all in one weekend. I'm starting to think I have an addictive personality. Have y'all watched it? If not, YOU SHOULD.

"When life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons and make SUPER LEMONS."

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Holy CRAP, asdflkjhla.
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Why did I ever think spring cleaning was a good idea?! YOU GUYS, I AM DROWNING IN FILTH. ...And I'm not even halfway through my room.

I guess a better question is: Why did I never think to spring clean in the OTHER three springs I've been in this apartment? Good Lord.

Edit: WHY IS MY WASHER MAKING UNHOLY NOISES. Whaaat, the day I want to wash EVERYTHING EVER is the day the basket comes off of its track... thingies. Guuuuys, is this an easy fix, or do I have to get someone who knows what they're doing to fix it? UGH, D::::::::::::CLEANING.

EDIT EDIT: Haha, father to the rescue. Am going to try a smaller load and see if it still does it; apparently this happened to my sister about a week ago, and it's because we're retards (my words, not dad's) who try to wash too much at once and it all gets bunched on one side and throws the balance off. IT SOUNDED LIKE MY WASHER WANTED TO RUN AWAY, GUYS. So once this load is dry, I am going to be brave and try again. Blah, continuing saga.

Random Jensen something, ignore if you don't care.
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Now I can't STOP.
Lex - Come
So I guess optional turned into "I hope you haven't forgotten about the manager's meeting at 6:30" yesterday, with this very expectant look that pretty well said 'you had better be there at 6:30'. The food was fantastic, and flirting with the waiter (...shut up, I'm shameless) meant we got our dessert first and wine whenever my glass was so much as half empty, but once 8 rolled around, I was acutely aware of missing my show. Pathetic? Yeah, probably. But I was on hour 11 of my work day at that point, I think I was allowed.

Everybody said this rotation was a cakewalk, and I don't know what rotation THEY were on, but my preceptor is riding my ass like crazy. "Most days I'll come by around 3:30 or 4 and if you're not busy, I'll tell you to just go home" has turned into us not seeing her at all most of the day, and then at 5 we leave, because she told us that if we haven't seen her by then, we can go. I have not been home before 5 this week, and Tuesday was a 10 hour day, and yesterday was 12. Today, I'm going to be spending the afternoon by myself because the other girl on my rotation has to go to seminar, so that's four and a half hours I'm going to be mindlessly bored. Unless I get to go home early, which I doubt.

I guess I shouldn't complain, but my last rotation let me out at 1 at the latest most days, so I got spoiled. It'd be different if I was BUSY on this rotation, but I'm really not. We're supposed to review 15 charts a day, and it takes about 20 minutes to review a chart if it's eligible. So in theory, that's 5 hours of work... except the charts aren't always there, and some of them aren't eligible, so they take 30 seconds. I think I reviewed 20 yesterday, and I STILL had a ton of downtime.

How long does iTunes usually take to get new episodes up? If I could download it at lunch, that'd be AWESOME. I could probably watch it twice during the afternoon. >.>

EDIT: CURSE YOU, ITUNES. It's up now, but it's downloading too slow for me to get it on my iPod in time to go back to work. At least I still have charts to do, ugh.

OMG, five and a half weeks left.
Nathan - :/
I need suggestions on stuff I can do at work, guys, because this rotation is going to kill me. It's actually a pretty good one to end with (provided I actually, y'know, try to study for the NAPLEX at some point), but since I hate studying, I probably won't. Which leaves me with at LEAST 4 hours of nothing to do, since I think I can fill the other 4 with SOMETHING.

I have internet access and more or less free reign to do what I want, but my back is to the rest of the office and I really don't want my preceptor walking up behind me to find me like... playing Neopets or something, haha. Plus, there's a girl on this rotation with me, so I can't do anything too outwardly deviant. NOT THAT I WOULD AT WORK.

Also trying to not miss SPN tomorrow, but I may have to if I can't think of a way to tell my preceptor I really don't want to go to this optional dinner thing. On the one hand, it's a completely free meal at a decent place in town... on the other, it's the last SPN 'til the end of April. MY LIFE. I schedule around TV. D:

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I'm seriously tired and I need a nap, but there's finally something I want to write about. So I figured I should do that before I lost the drive to. It's not even about me, really.

I had a message on my phone when I checked it after work today. It was my mom, which is no big surprise to some of you, I'm sure, and for those of you who don't know - I talk to my mom every single day, sometimes more than once. I don't call my friends just to talk; I call my mother. If you lined up every person I've ever met that's of age to be my mother and asked me to pick one, I'd just pick her again. I'm lucky to have that, I know.

Anyway, so I have this message on my phone. "Hey, baby," it says. My mom's always so perky and sing-song in her messages. "I know you're busy this morning, but I just wanted to call and tell you that today's the 20th anniversary of my surgery. I wanted to share that with you. Call me later!"

See, my mom had breast cancer when I was 5 and my little sister was 2. She was really young, she's just going to be 51 this year. I can at least say that it's a humorous story, the way they found out, and I promise y'all that my mom probably wants me telling this story, because she's not ashamed of it, she tells people, too. She was running around her room naked ( she does), and my dad made some joke about how she was going to start sagging without a bra, and reached out and gave her a honk. And felt something. And this, my friends, is why my mother advocates fooling around. Not really, but she'd always send me out the door with a cheerful "Remember, it's not a date unless he grabs your boobs!". Yeeeah, this is my family. And for the record, very, VERY few of my dates have ever ended up as "dates". ANYWAY.

It's weird, though, because she went through this huge ordeal and I don't remember any of it. I only found out a couple of years ago when she was giving a talk to my class during Breast Cancer Awareness month (for which she was totally medicated, my poor mom isn't so much a public speaker) that all these trips we made to Darian Lake were because she was going to chemo up in Buffalo. And if you wonder why I never wondered why she wasn't with us when we went to the amusement park, it's because she was always with us. My mom is insane, I swear. Chemo drugs can wreck you at the same time they're trying to save your life, because the side effects are ridiculous. But my mom pretty much refused any and all meds to help cope with the side effects, because she didn't want us to think anything was wrong. And even though she was tired as hell and just wanted to go throw up everything she ever ate, she was always right there. She has to be the strongest person I've ever known.

So here we are now, and it's twenty years later, and the worst thing wrong with her is that she's got high blood pressure and cholesterol. We're lucky. And I'm this crying, thankful mess right now because my mom could call me just to tell me it's been twenty years.

Dun duuuuun.
Dean - Black and White
Wow, my paid account expires today. It's just habit to renew it, but I haven't been using this much at all lately, so it's a little harder to justify. That said, it's kind of a drop in the bucket over the course of a year, and I am kind of attached to LJ for the long term, soo... I'll probably end up renewing it. With yet another promise that yes, I'll start updating again, because there are a lot of you that I've lost touch with in the last little while. This sounds familiar, doesn't it? I post one of these just about every time my account comes up due.

But I think it's time for a nearly complete revamp. I'll probably look at cleaning out my friends list, evaluating the icon situation (because it's so VERY important, you know), trying to wrangle up some new friend types because cleaning things out will probably leave me with two of y'all. You know how it goes. Once at least some of that is in order, I'll probably have a gigantic 'this is my sad little life' post for you to read/skim/skip, and then the finger crossing will start that I actually, you know, update more often.

I don't even know how many of you are still around, so if you read this, drop a comment. It'll help with the housecleaning part of all of it, and at the very least, I'll get to say hey to some of you.

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Pictures do not do the red 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipses justice.

I know, because I now own one.


I'll try to take pictures tomorrow, and maybe update substantially sometime soon. BUT OMG PEOPLE, NEW CAR. IT IS SEX ON WHEELS.


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