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I think I'm in love with Zach Quinto.
Zach - broooood
So last night, devidarkwolf and I went to North Hollywood's El Portal theater for a little thing called Standing on Ceremony, a reading of a collection of plays written in support of gay marriage. It's something I feel pretty strongly about in general, but I'll level with you, guys; Zach Quinto was going to be in this thing, and that's a good chunk of the reason I wanted to go so badly. Thanks to a whole bunch of waffling and being unsure that Zach was, in fact, going to do this (he wasn't listed on the site for a long time, and I wasn't going to blow the money if he wasn't going to do it, good cause or not), we didn't get to sit next to each other; I seriously think that when I bought these tickets, they were the VERY last two.

Okay. So yesterday was an exercise in freaking out all day long. And then we got there, and I was nervous, which is completely weird for me considering the fact that I'm usually completely chill, no matter who I might have the opportunity to run into. But for some reason, Zachary Quinto makes me retarded. Keep this in mind, it becomes important later.

There were 11 plays in total, some funny, some serious, some straight up weird. Zach was in the first one, and unfortunately, I think it was one of the ones that moved me the least; not his fault in the least, it was more that one of the women in it was terrible, and the back-and-forth of the dialogue before he was on stage was so stilted that I had no REAL idea of what was going on. But then Zach came out, for all of a minute or two, and for all of five or six lines, but he's kind of perfection, y'all. The second play was probably my favorite for a reason I can't quite put my finger on (and with bonus Peter Paige!), but with the exception of the completely cracked out lesbian-nun-vampire-Jesus play (because honestly, WHAT IN THE FUCK), every single one was fantastic in its own right. And the last one nearly brought me to tears, no lie, even though I just kept looking at Zach because WHO CAN BLAME ME, REALLY. Ultimately, even though I thought I was only going for Zach, I don't regret for a second that I went even though his part was so minimal. It was really a phenomenal evening.

And that's BEFORE I met him.

After, when I finally caught up with devidarkwolf again, I found out that she'd tracked down Zach more successfully than I'd been able to. In general, I am completely calm in the face of her spazzing out (it's a dynamic we have and it totally works for me), so when I thought I was going to have to be the one to do the initial talking, I was good. I was all set to joke around and ignore the fact that I'm having to wear glasses right now and look awful, and we kind of subtly - except I don't think we were all that subtle - circled him for awhile while he circulated and talked and was generally Zach-like and overwhelming even from afar. He is VERY INTENSE. Serious eye-contact, focus, touching people while they talk. It's like Jason Dohring times a million. I watched him for awhile, because I like watching people and I especially like watching PRETTY people, and it's kind of nice to have an idea of what's working for people and what's not in terms of approaching celebrity-types before it's your turn, so you know what route to take. Or how to be different and engaging, if you think you might have more than a split second.

The moment finally arrives where we decide we've been creepy enough in vulturing him, and we move up close. He's just saying goodbye to some friends, and kisses one girl as she goes and says he loves her, mentions when he'll be in the office again, and they go. It was really sweet. And then all my preparation for what to say gets thrown out the window, because I'm behind devidarkwolf and she talked just fine, so I really didn't get to say much of anything at first. She had the brilliant idea of having Zach hold her phone to take the picture all MySpace style, and he was completely game; in fact, whether it's true or not, Zach gives off this really strong impression that if you have something to talk to him about, he'll stand there and talk to you as long as you want. I think between the two of us we could've done that just fine, even as overwhelmed as we were, but there were other people waiting and monopolizing time is not okay. So she gets her picture... and he turns away. ALSO NOT OKAY.

This is the part where I touch Zach Quinto on the back, and he turns around and pins me with his really intense eyes. I apologize, I think, and ask if I can get a picture with him too, and he's completely gracious about it and takes the picture. What's also kind of awesome is that for either of us, he didn't just hand the phone back once he was done, he turned it around and checked the picture to make sure it was good, THEN handed it back. I got an "I love that also" from him when he saw it, and he maybe said it was nice to meet us at the end (I'm not sure, I think my brain is selectively filtering things so I don't go catatonic), and then it was done.

What follows is what can only be termed as the Zach Quinto effect. I was great before I met him, in awe of how very pulled together and calm and gracious and gorgeous he is during meeting him, and then after? I. Was. Dumb. Like, I have never felt as completely ridiculous as I did when we were walking back to devidarkwolf's car. He has the power to drop your IQ about 30 points after you've met him, once you're basking in the glow of his awesome. I'm pretty sure that on the way home (after we'd sat in her car unable to drive or do anything but go nuts), we had a conversation that was comprised entirely of "ZAAAAAAACH" over and over again. I literally nearly threw up, and I DON'T REACT LIKE THAT TO PEOPLE.

I should've written this last night, because I feel sure I missed something. In short: I want to be Zach Quinto's friend. For ever and ever, amen.

Nearly forgot: pics or it didn't happen. Sigh, I hate wearing glasses right now. But hey, you can tell I'm Italian despite the blonde; we both have big ol' noses.

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aww, ZQ. He's really a good guy, I swear.

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