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How is it already after noon?!
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Time for my life in pluses and minuses!

+ Finally, FINALLY got the okay from the CA State Board to take my test.

- Have to wait on the testing people to send me the packet so I can schedule it. Also, I may need to get my SSN card changed?! Since it doesn't have my full middle name on it, but... it never has, and I've never had a problem before. But CSBP says it has to match 'exactly', so I do not know what to make of this fuckery. I am also terrified I'm too dumb to pass this test, somehow. Even though I rocked the practice questions.

+/- Eye appointment today in an hour and a half. This is good, since I haven't been able to wear my contacts much since Vancouver, but it's also terrifying because a) I know my eyes are AWFUL, b) I don't think my insurance has kicked in (thank you, COBRA, for being SO EFFICIENT) so it will probably be expensive.

- Getting a letter from Kroger saying they think they shouldn't have paid me my last 2 week paycheck, which is epic bullshit. However, I have not been able to get hold of the lady I'm supposed to call to TELL HER it's epic bullshit, despite leaving several messages.

- Being terrified that I will run out of money.

+ Finding out how much I actually have in my 401(k) so I know that if I HAVE TO, I can pull some out and NOT run out of money before I get a job.

+ SUPERNATURAL LAST NIGHT, HOLY SHIT. I do want to say more about it (and all the other messes of TV I've watched lately), but it'll have to wait. And probably get its own separate post. And why do I always try to spell separate wrong?!

+ VANCON. Which I have also not said a word about and have probably forgotten a lot about since I waited so long to say anything about it, but I promise it was epic, I'm a little in love with AJ Buckley now, and it kind of renewed my flagging love for everything SPN.

+ AC/DC. I was kind of deaf for two days after, y'all, I am not kidding. But it was amazing. And while I did not see him thanks to my crappy eyesight at the present (not to mention my lack of observational skills), devidarkwolf says she saw AJ there. Be still my little heart.

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I only learned about earplugs after my ears rang for three days after a RHCP show when I was in college. It was BAD!

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