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Hello, a year plus later.
chris - the hotness
Okay, people, I am about to be making MAJOR LIFE CHANGES (capitals necessary), and I'm feeling the need to chronicle these somewhere. And lo and behold, I have this long-dormant LJ just sitting here, waiting to be taken advantage of, and I'd be remiss if I didn't seize the opportunity. Especially since on a whim a few months back, I bought more paid time. Yeah, I don't know why either, since I hadn't used it in about a year, but... whatever, I thought it'd be motivation. And it clearly has been, because I've written SO MUCH here. Gold star for me!

I am two terrifyingly exciting days away from leaving Texas behind me. Never get me wrong, I do love Texas and all its crazy shenanigans. And it'll always be home, because I know my family will always live here. Believe me, I've worked on getting at least some of them to California, and they just laugh. Apparently, I am not cut from the same cloth they are! Or I just want to upgrade cloth. Who knows, the point is, I am alone! Kind of.

In any case, I've quit my job here, and I'm moving to Los Angeles this week. It's scary. I'm thrilled. I'll be living in Silver Lake with devidarkwolf, and y'all, I LOVE IT THERE. I'm recently worried that all my crap won't fit where I need it to (OOPS), but I've squished my crap into a smaller space with 3 other girls in a dorm room, so I think it'll be just fine. Besides, it's like... a story. And I like telling stories! I'll miss the people I know here, but to be perfectly honest, my only real constant friends for the last year have been the people I work with. Which is cool, I've hung out with them outside of work and they're amazing, but when I ALREADY have more plans to be social in LA than I've had here in the last year, practically? It's kind of saying something, I think. It doesn't hurt that devidarkwolf and I are nigh inseparable (pause while I try to figure out how the hell to spell that, thanks), I just hope she can tolerate living with me.

Once I'm there, I'll have about a month or so of complete unemployment while I take my law exam (stupid California and their lack of easy reciprocity) to get licensed. Which is cool, because I can acquaint myself with my area and do all kinds of fun stuff during my month long vacation, but it's also scary as hell because the money I have right now is all the money I WILL have, unless we get lucky and actually do some extras work. Which I'd totally love to do, if only to say I've done it! So we'll see how it goes, and I'm really not going to be worried unless it gets into October and I'm still somehow not licensed. But bless my mother's heart, she's got some money stashed back that she's willing to give me if times get a little tough. I love my family, as completely broken up and dysfunctional as they've been lately.

So that's the start of the chronicle of my adventures in LA, I guess! Starting before I'm even there, that's how on top of it I am. RIGHT. There will be a housewarming in the near future, and probably epic odes to my love for La Mill, and also talk about stuff that has nothing to do with life at all, but TV and other BSery. Because if I don't start writing this stuff down, I will forget it. And that's not okay.

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Lots of BIG LIFE CHANGES with people lately -- with myself included! (Which, quite possibly, will involve LA at some point much later.) Good luck! <3

LA is the best, but I'm totally biased. XD Good luck to you, too! ♥

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