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chris - the hotness
Holy crap, y'all, I'm licensed. THIS IS REALLY EXCITING AND ALSO DISTRESSING. I have no idea if I should go to work tomorrow, 'cause they technically can't pay me intern pay anymore. And I'm supposed to go in at 7:30, so... y'know, it'd be cool if I knew if I DIDN'T have to go to work, haha. But I don't want to call the pharmacy, 'cause nobody there would know anyway; Neel's off today, and Angela's on vacation. And like a winner I don't have Neel's cell number, so I can't call him to ask. OOPS.

On the bright side, I'm... totally going to tell them I'm taking two weeks off starting Monday. Which works out REALLY NICELY because I'm going to Comic-Con now, agkljhadgklfja. Need to book a flight. I also need a friggin' credit card, I am spending money lately like I have some. Which I will soon, I just, haha, don't right this second.

Tons of crap to do today. I've got to run back up to north Houston and finish my apartment application (the place I'm moving is swank, y'all, 2 bed/2 bath WITH A GARAGE, a view of a lake, and more than twice the space I have now), which takes 30 minutes to drive to anyhow. Also need to put some checks in the bank so I DO have money, and for the love of Pete, I need to do my CPR certification so I can start giving shots when I start working.

I also bought a ticket to a Friday morning showing of The Dark Knight. I'm seeing it by myself 'cause I'm a winner (and because everyone I know is gone/working). Even if I DO have to stop working, I think I'll run up and gush with Neel about it. I'm going to miss that fool; he's pretty awesome. And he's a NERD. He loves Supernatural, that's enough for me, but we geek out over tons of stuff. He's a lot of fun, and he's been really cool training me. If I don't like the store I end up at right away, he actually wants me to be his partner at the Sugarland store he thinks he's going to move to in December, so I guess he thinks I'm capable. God, I hope I am.

The dreams about misfills and stuff have already started, which is terrifying. I haven't made any big mistakes while I've been training (except Monday I did make a dumb one that I'd never usually make, so I'm still beating myself up over that), so I SHOULD be okay, I'm just scared to death. I've never done any of this without someone looking over my shoulder to tell me I'm doing okay, so I'm going to be a nervous wreck the first... oh, month or so of work, I'm sure. A week, at the very least.

As long as I'm sitting here rambling, I might as well go just a little longer. My parents are divorcing, which I can only say with any calm because it's been a little less than a month since the whole thing blew up. It's a big, ugly, gross story that I'm not going to spill here because it's just one of those things that I don't really feel comfortable spilling to everyone, but suffice it to say that my father is a total douchebag and I never knew it. ...That being said, he's trying pretty hard to redeem himself to me and my sister right now, and he IS in town for a bunch of meetings, so I think I may see him tonight or tomorrow. We're talking on the phone all right now - not about anything that's going on family-wise, which is why the conversations aren't so bad - but I think it's going to be hideous and awkward when I do see him. I don't know, maybe not. He's where I learned how to avoid stuff from, so maybe we'll get along great. Who knows?

I need to start working out. And dieting. I'm in such crappy shape right now that it isn't even funny, and I keep putting it off saying that I'm stressed about one thing or another, but I'm always stressed about something, so I need to give that excuse up. It's getting on time for me to start listing out all the crap I need to do; living on a schedule has always worked pretty well for me. Especially now that I'm about to start having to pack up the mess of stuff in this apartment. 4 year's worth of stuff, and I've only got a month (and a half, but I get the new apartment August 15th) to pack it. Ugh. This is why I need the two weeks off. Also, Comic-Con. Ahaha, ha ha.

OKAY. If I don't go now, I will have zero time to get all the crap done today that needs doing. So I need to quit procrastinating, ugh.

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Thank you!

AND YES, EEEE. I paid SO MUCH for this pass, but I think it'll be worth it!

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