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Dean - Black and White
I keep meaning to put something here, but then I end up going to bed at like, 10:30. I'm so tired, guys. I feel like I'm getting sick or something, I don't even know. I think I'm just worn out; the last few weeks have been pretty crappy, and I haven't had much of a break. Since last Tuesday, I've only really had one day off, which doesn't sound TERRIBLE until you factor in that since last Tuesday, I've taken two of the biggest tests of my life, studied like crazy during the days I wasn't actually working, and worked my ass off when I WAS working. Now I've got tomorrow off, but I don't get to sleep in - getting my hair cut at 9, and then I've got to spend the day looking at apartments so I'm not homeless come September 1st. And I'm emotional as hell right now. I know why THAT is, but it's definitely not helping matters any. I'm also terrified that I'm probably days away from being licensed, because that means I'm going to have to do all of this stuff by myself and I just... do not know how yet, it feels like. Anyway, I'm about to be late-ish, but I've been really quiet lately, and that's kind of why.

Also, I got a parking ticket last night. I friggin' hate Midtown.

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BOO to the parking ticket! HUGS!! You know I'm always around if you need anything at all.

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