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chris - the hotness
What Jamie has been up to, the Cliffs Notes version:

1. Not answering comments. Oops. So thanks, y'all, for the congratulations on the LAST cliffs notes post!
2. Working. And I am already tired of it, WTF.
3. Scheduling my NAPLEX and MPJE for July 1st and 2nd. I am now freaking out hardcore because I have not studied AT. ALL. I may have to get Neel to knock me down on my hours or something, because I am dumb as hell and will not pass these if I do not get my ass in gear.
4. Questioning my logic of scheduling those exams, because on the 3rd I have an 8 hour long immunizations class to take, and I will be braindead by the end of the week. I should've gone into something easy, like being a janitor.
5. I have to work today, what is this madness. 10-5, ugh. It's sad when I'm just one week into training and I'm wondering if I can find a job I might not dread going to. Except that's unfair, because this store is SO SLOW (I'm talking 120 prescriptions on a hoppin' day, and they're open 12 hours a day), and I honestly don't have much to DO. I think I'm taking my NAPLEX book today, and if Neel doesn't like it, tough. I could be doing something productive instead of standing there waiting for somebody to show up, especially because there will be no doctor calls and probably very few new prescriptions today.
6. Wanting my 2 months of doing nothing back. SOMEONE FIND ME SOMEBODY RICH.

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Of COURSE didn't have any time today, but I think I will tomorrow. Thank you, I need all the positive vibes I can get!

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