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The saga of today!
chris - the hotness
I was kind of set to come in here and be depressed, because I think I'm having another one of those little weeks where all I do is sleep and think I suck, but lo and behold, today was actually kind of entertaining. So you're spared the emo in favor of what happened today, because it's just amusing enough that I want to keep it for posterity.

So Jon and I have been playing tennis lately. A lot of tennis, except we've been slacking since last Thursday. Today was the first day we'd played since then, and boy, did we suck. So while we'd normally play a couple of hours and be bone tired by the time we were done, we played maybe 45 minutes and got fed up with our massive suck. We get to the car, and all of a sudden Jon makes with the "Oh, shit."

Yeah, it's never good.

His keys were in the car, along with both of our cell phones. Hi, stranded. We weigh our options, and decide our only real option is to walk to his apartment. Which (as we found out later) is 3 miles away. So, dressed like scrubs, we make our way back through what's at least mostly nice neighborhoods, but some super-ghetto ones, too. And you've never felt homeless until you've walked under 610 near our places, seriously. We get to Jon's apartment, and of course, have no keys. So we break into his place, since he'd at least left the window open and we just had to muscle the screen out. We found out we'd be terrible robbers, by the way.

We commence calling everyone we know to give us a ride back to the courts, because by this time it's noon and about 90 degrees outside. Of course, nobody answers. So we walk to my apartment (which is thankfully literally around the corner and down the street a little ways), and I have to sweet talk the guy in the office into opening my apartment for me. As I'm dressed like a homeless woman, by the way, and this guy is very cute and put together. Figures. ANYWAY, he refuses Jon as collateral and decides to just walk to my apartment with us, which is a terrible idea because my apartment is a hot mess and no one can come in. I tell him and he laughs, and says he'll just open it and leave, since I look trustworthy. Yeah, trustworthy and sweaty and homeless. Ugh.

But! Finally, keys! We go back to Jon's and get my car, and then finally get to his car and the ordeal is over. It took about four hours, between actually playing and getting back so Jon could get into his car, geez. But hey, it was an urban adventure or something. And I totally made up for half-assing the tennis thing, because we probably, all told, walked almost 4 miles today. Which is a lot, when I'm not used to walking. And it's 90 degrees.

I've only been sitting still for a little while, and I'm already realizing I'm going to be so, so sore later.

NOTE TO SELF: Buy this week's TV Guide, because HOLY SHIT, Jared Padalecki.

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